Employees can request to swap shifts with one another. Once this has been agreed between the two employees, you'll receive a notification.

You can view the request by clicking the shift(s) in question, and a popup will display allowing you to approve or deny the shift swap.

If the request is approved it will automatically update the rota and both employees will be notified.

If the request is denied both employees will again be notified and the rota will remain the same.

Shift swap admin settings

In the Settings section of your Account Settings page admins can change the way shift swapping works to suit your business.

  • Turn on/off shift swap functionality - Limit shift swapping for an employee to singular or multiple locations - Limit shift swapping by role so that employees can only cover shifts they are able to work
  • Turn on/off admin approval. When turned off admins are no longer required to confirm a request, but can still see shift swaps by the swapping icon that displays on a shift.

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