Once your timesheets have been filled out and approved for a pay period, you can run a payroll report. 

First, lock the timesheets. This prevents any further changes being made.

Next, head over to Payroll. 

The payroll report shows a summary of each employee's hours for that pay period, and a final pay figure. 

Annual leave is summarised as paid or unpaid, but you can hover over the figures to see the breakdown of the different leave types. 


You can manually adjust the amount of overtime taken for each employee and also the final pay amount if you wish. 

The 'M' icon (see below) highlights when a pay figure has been adjusted. If you click this icon, you can reset the pay figure to its original calculation.

When you are happy with the pay period and the payroll figures, you can finalise the period and this will burn in the payroll data so that it cannot be changed.

To export the payroll report, click the download icon in the top-right section of the page. This will create a CSV spreadsheet file with all the payroll columns.

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