Your rota comes to life when you add your employees into your account. There are a couple of ways to do this.

Adding Employees manually

If you have a small number of employees (say, fewer than 20), then you can simply add them in manually, one by one. There's no hard limit - it'll just take a while if you have more than around 20 staff!

To do that, go to Company → Employees and click the blue Plus button. From here, enter the names of your staff. 

If you want to add further details (or edit existing Employee information) at a later date, go to Company → Employees and click the relevant employee's name.

Importing from a spreadsheet

If you have a lot of employees, or if you want to import your data quickly and simply, you can use our CSV import feature.

Once you've filled in the template, go to Company → Employees and click the Import button in the top-right.

This will automatically populate your RotaCloud account with all your employee information. If you include Locations and Roles in the spreadsheet, we'll automatically assign those details to each Employee.

We can do this import for you if you prefer - just send us a spreadsheet with your employee information via live chat and we'll do the rest!

Should I include email addresses?

Employees will need to have RotaCloud accounts in order to be able to access the system and view their rota. The starting gun for getting an employee signed up is adding their email address into the system.

If you're not yet ready for your staff to start using RotaCloud, don't worry - you can choose when your employees get invited by clicking the 'Send Invite' button in their profile or at the top of the Employees pages.

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