To view shifts in RotaCloud, click on the Shifts tab along the bottom of your screen.

My Rota

The Shifts tab will default to showing your your shifts. If you work at multiple Locations, this will default to show you all shifts at 'All Locations'.

To select a specific Location, click the ‘All Locations’ dropdown and select the Location you want to view. You can then scroll down to see your upcoming shifts or you can select a specific date by clicking on the date at the top of the page.

All Rotas

To view a list of all shifts for you and your colleagues, use the tab 'All Rotas' at the top of the page and scroll down to see the shifts.

Open Shifts

If you tap on the 'Open Shifts' tab, you are able to view a list of any shifts not assigned to an employee that are available to claim. Scroll down the list to view an open shifts or, if you are looking for a particular day, tap the date at the top of the page and use the calendar.

If you want to claim a shift, simply tap on it and then 'Claim Shift'. Please be aware you will not be able to claim a shift if you have a clashing shift or are not assigned to work that Role.

Shift Actions

Some shifts can be acted upon (e.g. requesting unavailability, shift swaps, clocking in/out). Tapping on an actionable shift will bring up the available options.


If you have access to the Availability section in RotaCloud, you can get to it by tapping 'Availability' across the top of the Shifts page. From there, you can see your existing availability patterns, edit them, and create new ones.

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