Timesheets are only available for companies with Time & Attendance enabled.

You can access the Timesheets page on Android by tapping the Timesheets icon on the bottom bar.

The Timesheets page shows the current pay period at the top, followed by the timesheet for that pay period showing your clocking in and out times, your scheduled shifts and days off.

If you do not wish to view scheduled shifts, tap 'Filters' in the top right and switch this setting off.

Tapping on the left and right arrows or dates in the centre at the top of the page allow you to switch between pay periods.

Editing Timesheets

If you have permission to edit your timesheet, there are a few options available to you.

To edit an existing attendance record, tap on the existing clock in and out times for that day and then 'Edit Record'. You can then use the dropdown menus to change the clock in and out time and re-enter the number of minutes break. Once done, tap 'Save'.

To generate an attendance record for a shift, simply tap the plus for that day then 'Add Attendance Record'. You will then be able to 'Create timesheet record from your scheduled shift', which will automatically populate your timesheet with the scheduled clock in and out time, or you can 'Create timesheet record manually'.

To create a brand new attendance record that isn't linked to a scheduled shift, tap plus button at the right of the day you wish to add it to. You can then tap 'Create timesheet record manually', enter the clock in and out times and 'Save'.

Please note that all timesheet changes will require manager/admin approval.

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