Availability allows you to indicate your work preferences so your employer can consider this when creating your rota.

Creating/Editing an Availability Pattern

To add an Availability pattern, go to the Shifts tab and scroll across to Availability at the top of the page.

To add a new pattern, click on the blue plus button. Give the pattern a ‘Title’, select if you want the Availability to apply to ‘Specific Dates’ or ‘Ongoing’, add in the dates and select how frequently it should repeat (if applicable). You can then tap ‘Next Step’.

Click ‘Add Availability’ or ‘Add Unavailability’ on the relevant day(s).

You will then get the option to add it ‘All day’ or you can enter the specific times on the clock display.

Once you’ve entered your pattern, scroll down and click ‘Save’. You and your employer will then see the patterns you’ve entered on your Rotas page.

Editing/Deleting Availability

To edit an existing Availability pattern, go to the Shifts tab and select Availability from the menu across the top.

Under the calendar, you can see a list of all your existing patterns. You are then able to either 'Edit' or 'Delete' the pattern.

Viewing Availability on the Rota

To view Availability on the rota, go to the Rotas tab. The Availability patterns may already be showing here.

If they're not showing, click the menu icon (the three horizontal lines in the top right) and switch the 'Show Availability' option on.

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