Clocking In and Out is only available to companies using Time & Attendance.

When you log into the RotaCloud app, you will be taken to the Dashboard section as represented by the small house icon - this is where you clock in to your shifts.

When you have a shift coming up in RotaCloud, you will see a ‘Clock In’ button on your app beneath the current shift.

Tap ‘Clock In’ (or 'Clock in without a scheduled shift' if applicable) and you will be shown a map of where you are. Tap ‘Clock In’ again.

You will see a confirmation message that your clock in has been successful.

Once you are clocked in to a shift, you will then have the option to clock out of it. Follow the same steps but this time tapping 'Clock Out' and your clock out time will be recorded.

Clocking Breaks

If your company allows you to clock in and out of your breaks, you can do so from the RotaCloud app.

If you're currently clocked in, this will show on the Dashboard. If you wish to start a break, tap 'Start Break'. If you wish to end your break, tap 'End Break'.

You'll be taken to the map screen, which displays your current location. To confirm your break start/end, tap the relevant button under the map.

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