Adding a photo in RotaCloud

Adding and editing staff profile pictures in RotaCloud

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Admins and Managers with the permission to add employees and manage basic information can add photos to their staff members' employee profiles. They can do this by heading to the Company > Employees page, and selecting the staff member from the employee list. Then, simply click the Camera icon in the top-left of the page to upload a photo.

A screenshot of the Employee Profile page on the Desktop version of RotaCloud, showing the 'Upload photo' button in the upper left corner of the profile page.


You are able to upload their own photos using the RotaCloud app. Open the menu in the upper-right corner, and tap the icon (or the existing profile picture) above your name.

You'll be given the option to take a photo using your phone's camera, upload one of your photos, or remove the existing photo.

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