With the memos tool, administrators can send staff messages from within RotaCloud, meaning you can reach out to individuals or even your whole team in seconds.

Sending Memos

To open the Memos tool, click the paper aeroplane icon on the blue navigation bar, just to the left of the notification bell. 

This will open the Send Memo window. Here, you can enter a subject, and below you can write your message. In the Employees section, tick all of the employees that you wish to send the memo to. You can select individual recipients by clicking on their names from the rows below, or click 'Select All' to send a message to everyone in your team.

You can use the search bar to find a particular person, or if you use Groups in RotaCloud, you can enter a Group name here to easily send a message to several people.

When you're ready, simply click the 'Send' button and your message will be sent to the employees' registered email addresses and will appear as a normal email as below:

The email will be sent from RotaCloud, but any replies will then be directed to your registered email address on your account.

Memo History

Once sent, details of the memo will show on the Memo History page. To access this, click on the ‘view a history’ link at the top of the Send Memo window:

The date, sender and subject of the memo can be seen, in addition to the number of users it was sent to, and the number of users who opened it.

Click on any memo to see more information about it. You’ll be able to re-read the memo in full, as well as see a list of all of its recipients. Anyone who’s not yet opened the memo will have a grey tick to the left of their name. However, if they have opened it, then a green tick will be shown instead.

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