Prorating holiday allowances
How to prorate staff's holiday allowance based on start date and final working date
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By default, RotaCloud will automatically prorate your staff's holiday allowances based on their start date and final working date. Under the Holiday Allowance column on the Leave page, the asterisk next to the employees holiday allowance indicates their allowance has been prorated. Hovering over the figure will display why their allowance has been adjusted.

To disable this, go to Settings (the cog icon on the blue navigation bar) and scroll down to the Leave header. Untick the box 'Prorate holiday allowances based on start date and final working date' and your staff's holiday allowance will no longer be adjusted.

Why is my employee's allowance showing as less when they accrue holiday?

If you have set up for some of your staff to Accrue Holiday, and the prorate setting is also enabled on the account, then you will essentially have two holiday calculations happening at once. The prorate setting will override accrual calculations, so some employee's allowance totals may appear less than expected.

To stop this from happening, you can either disable the prorate setting by following the above steps.

Alternatively, you can remove the employee's start date or final working date from their user profile, to stop the prorate calculation overriding their accrued allowance. (If you need to keep a record of a user's start date or final working date, then you can always copy and paste this into the Notes section of the employee's profile, for future reference).

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