Moving and copying shifts across locations

How to move and copy a shift from location to another

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To move a shift on the rota from one location to another, click and drag the shift you want to move. While still holding the shift, tap the 'L' key on your keyboard.

This will then move your rota to the next location. Keep pressing 'L' to cycle through your locations - once you've reached the location you want to move your shift to, just drop the shift into the relevant cell.

A GIF showing the process of dragging a shift to another Location on the Desktop version of RotaCloud.

To copy a shift, rather than move it, keep the 'Shift' key on your keyboard held down before dropping the shift in its new place.


To move shifts to another location in the RotaCloud app, head to the Rotas tab.

Tap on any shift to see more information about it, and then tap ‘Edit Shift’. Here, you’ll see the current location of the shift displayed. Tap this, and choose a new location from the list.

A screenshot of the 'Edit shift' screen, with the Location highlighted, on the RotaCloud mobile app.

When you’re ready, tap ‘Update Shift’ to make the changes.

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