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Can I undo an action on the rota?

There isn't currently an 'undo' option in RotaCloud - once you have made a change, whether that's amended a rota or deleted a shift, that change is final.

Can I create overlapping shifts?

Shifts cannot overlap in RotaCloud.

Is there a limit to how long a shift can be?

You can create shifts up to 24 hours in duration.

Can I add multiple shifts for an employee within one day?

Yes, you can. Once you've added your first shift for the day, just click in the cell next to the existing shift to create a new shift.

Can I view the rota by month rather than week?

There isn't currently a way to view the rota page by month, however you can look at the Dashboard page which is available as a month view. This will give you an overview of your staffing numbers, a breakdown of staff working different roles and the daily estimated staffing cost.

Why do my hours not add up correctly?

There are a few reasons your hours may not appear to add up correctly. Here are a few things to check on:

  • Do the clocks change that week? RotaCloud automatically calculate the hours for you taking into consideration the clocks changing.

  • Have you accounted for breaks being deducted/included? Whether or not breaks are paid can be changed in your account settings.

  • Have you entered the shifts in the correct time format? For example, a shift that is 09:00 - 05:00 would be 20 hours long as it will finish at 5am the following morning.

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