Timesheets are only available for companies with Time & Attendance enabled.

You can access the Timesheets page on iOS by tapping the Timesheets icon on the bottom bar.

The Timesheets page shows the current pay period at the top, followed by the timesheet for that pay period. To view shifts and timesheet records for a different pay period, simply tap the date and select a different period.

By default, the Timesheet will show attendance records (white rows) and shifts (grey rows) from the rota. To hide shifts from the rota, tap the 3 dots in the top-right and un-tick 'Shifts'.

Editing Timesheets

If you have permission to edit your timesheet, there are a few options available to you.

  1. To edit an existing attendance record, tap on the corresponding row. A dialog will appear allowing you to make changes.

  2. To generate an attendance record from a shift, simply tap the shift. A confirmation message will appear - just tap 'Add' to create the record.

Please note that all timesheet changes will require manager/admin approval.

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