You can access the Rotas page on mobile by tapping the Shifts icon on the bottom menu of the app.

At the top of the page is a drop-down which you can use to filter the Shifts page by Location. By default this is set to All Locations.

Below that, you'll see up to 3 tabs, depending on your account settings: "All Shifts", "My Shifts", and "Open Shifts". Tap on the tab title to switch to that view.

All Shifts

The "All Shifts" view shows a daily summary of shifts for all employees. You can select a date using the selector above the list of shifts. You can navigate between weeks by swiping left or right on the date selector, and you can jump to today using the "Today" button. Above the date selector the currently selected month is shown.

My Shifts

Tapping "My Shifts" will give you an overview of all shifts assigned to you. Each shift gives you details of your start and finish time, job role and location. You can scroll up or down to view past and future shifts. 

Open Shifts

The "Open Shifts" will display all available open shifts. To claim a shift, tap the shift you wish to claim and then tap the 'Claim Shift' option.

Shift Actions

Some shifts can be acted upon (e.g. requesting unavailability, shift swaps, clocking in/out). If that's the case, there will be 3 dots next to the shift details. Tapping on an actionable shift will bring up the available options.

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