Clocking In and Out is only available to companies using Time & Attendance.

Whenever it's possible for you to clock in (i.e. when you have an upcoming shift), you'll see a Clock In button on the Dashboard page.

Tapping Clock In (or Clock In Without Shift if available) will take you to the Clock-In page.

This shows a map of your current location, which will be added to your timesheet. To confirm that you'd like to clock in, tap Clock In.

If your Clock-In is successful, you'll see a confirmation message, and you'll be taken back to the Dashboard page.

Clocking Out

While clocked in, the Dashboard will show a Clocked In card with a Clock Out button. Tap that button to go to the map screen. On the map screen, confirm your current location is correct, then tap Clock Out to confirm.

Clocking Breaks

If your company allows you to clock in and out of your breaks, you can do so from the RotaCloud app.

If you're currently clocked in, the Dashboard will show the Clocked In card. Depending on whether you're currently on a break, the Clocked In card will display a Start Break or End Break button.

Simply tap the relevant button. You'll be taken to the map screen, which displays your current location. To confirm your break start/end, tap the relevant button under the map.

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