Please note - these are optional features that your manager may have disabled.

When new shifts are added to your Rota, you can let your employer know that you’ve seen them by using the Acknowledge Shifts tool.


On mobile, you will receive a popup notification when you open the app afresh, that shows you any shifts which have been changed. Click the blue ‘Acknowledge Shifts’ button to let your employer know you’ve seen them.

A screenshot of the 'Updates to your rota' page, showing unacknowledged shifts on the RotaCloud mobile app.

You can still request Unavailability or a Shift Swap if you need to. Acknowledging shifts is simply a way to inform your employer that you’ve seen the Rota.


When viewing RotaCloud on a Desktop computer, head to the Rotas page to see your shifts for this week.

Any shift that you haven’t acknowledged will have a red flag at the top-right of the shift. Click on the green ‘Acknowledge Shifts’ button to acknowledge all shifts for that week.

A screenshot of the Rotas page on the desktop version of RotaCloud, showing an unacknowledged shift with a red flag in the upper-right corner.
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