Setting Custom Leave Rates for your Staff
What to do when hourly or salaried employees are paid differently for their Leave.
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In addition to allowing you to set standard and overtime rates, and differing rates for all kinds of Roles, RotaCloud allows you to do the same for all types of Leave, including Holiday, Public Holiday and Furlough. These settings are found in the Wage & Salary page of each Employee’s Profile.

Hourly Paid Employees

Staff who are paid by the hour can be given a different hourly rate for each type of Leave. Enter a rate for any type of Leave that differs from their default rate.

Salaried Employees

For salaried employees, paid Leave will not affect their total pay for that period. Therefore RotaCloud allows you to enter a custom leave deduction rate for unpaid leave. 

These rates are offered by day or by hour, depending on whether that employee has a Leave Allowance that is measured in days or hours.

Enter the rate by which you want that staff’s pay deducted when they take unpaid Leave. If not used, any unpaid leave taken will deduct that employee’s pay by the automatically-calculated figure shown above.

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