Importing and exporting leave
Using CSV spreadsheets to quickly add and update employee leave records
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Importing Leave

You can import employee leave records into RotaCloud by using our CSV upload function. The import icon is accessible via the Leave tab at the top of the page:

The import allows upload your staff's leave data via a CSV file. You can create both new leave entries and update any existing leave data on the account using this method.

The import needs to be completed in our format in order for it to work successfully. You can download a template of this format to fill in yourself here:


  • If you are updating leave data for an existing employee, you must ensure that both the Leave ID and Employee ID are included in the relevant columns - these IDs can be exported using the download function.

  • Dates must be written using the format YYYY-MM-DD.

  • The Leave type must match existing Leave types on the system such as ‘Holiday’ or ‘Furlough.’ (You cannot enter a new or invalid Leave type i.e ‘Christening’ as this will not import successfully).

  • You can input if the Leave includes any half days by adding AM or PM into the ‘Start Date AM/PM’ and ‘End Date AM/PM’ columns. You must ensure these fields are entered accurately.

Common errors

  • If your import encounters an error on any of the rows you’re importing, then that row will be highlighted with a red mark to the left of it. Hover over this to see the reason why the import hasn’t worked.

  • Ensure that all spelling and grammar is accurate and that the column entries match up exactly with the data in the system.

  • Double check that all the relevant column headings are included and are correct for each field, prior to importing. You can select the correct column heading via the drop down menu on the import page.

Exporting Leave

If you need to amend leave data that is currently on your account, you can export this to then make changes. Once the changes are made, you can then re-import the data back onto the system as shown above.

To export Leave data, go to the Leave tab and click the download icon in the top right hand corner.

A drop-down menu will appear where you can select what type of data you wish to export. You can export all leave records inputted onto the account, Leave Allowances and the Leave Request History.

Click on an option to view the data as a spreadsheet, and then click 'Download' to export this as an CSV file.

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