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Create customised fields in your employees' profiles

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Custom Fields is an extra functionality which can be applied to your account, upon request. Once applied, this is accessible within your employees’ individual profiles along with your individual Locations and Roles. You can create up to 10 customised entries.

To find the Custom Fields to your employee profiles, go to Company > Employees, and select the employee from the list to open their profile.

Click on the Personal Details section in the left hand side menu. Scroll down to find the Custom Fields which should be visible under the Notes box.

To create a new field click ‘Add Custom Field.’

Here, you can add a custom Heading for each field (for example ‘Induction Completed’) by clicking and typing in the 'Field Name.'

You can also type in any information you need regarding this field into the box underneath the Heading.

You can create up to ten Custom Fields by simply clicking on the option ‘Add Custom Field.’

To delete a Custom Field, hover over the field’s Heading and a red X will appear. Click on the X to remove the Custom Field from the employee’s profile.

The same applies with your individual Roles and Locations by heading to Company > Locations and Company > Roles respectively, and clicking the individual Location or Role you'd like to add these for.

If you’d like to gain access to Custom Fields, please get in touch with the Customer Success Team directly via the LiveChat or, and we can apply this feature to your account for you.

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