Accessing the Xero Settings menu

Once integrated, the Xero Settings menu will now allow you to change the way in which roles and rates in RotaCloud are linked to your Earnings Rates in Xero. To change these mappings, head to Settings > Integrations > Xero and click Xero Settings.


Employees’ default wage rates are always controlled in Xero. You can set these on each employee’s profile in Xero, on the Payroll > Employees > Employment page.

Overtime and Custom Role Rates

If you pay your staff different rates for overtime, or for different roles (whether that’s per-hour, or per-shift), then you can set these up in this Settings page.

In the Overtime section, set the earnings rate that relates to Overtime pay in Xero, and the expense account that you’d like to use. Below this, repeat the process for Custom Role Rates for both per-hour, and per-shift rates.

To add a new rate, click the blue plus icon. Select the RotaCloud Custom Role Rate from the drop-down menu that you’d like to assign, then choose which earnings rate this will map to. Finally, choose the expense account that you’re using for this particular role. You can add as many Custom Role Rates as you need, and to delete any, click on the delete icon to the right of the role.

When your payroll data is sent to Xero, the exact hourly rate for each role that you’ve set up in RotaCloud will be sent to Xero; any rate that you may have set up in Xero will not be used.


Finally, the RotaCloud leave types section is where you match RotaCloud’s Leave Types up to Xero’s available Leave Types. Use the blue plus icon to add a new mapping, choose the RotaCloud Leave Type from the drop-down menu, and then choose the desired Xero Leave Type to map it to. Pay rates for leave are set up in Xero, and any different Leave Rates that you may have set up in RotaCloud are not sent.

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