Why are my salaried staff not included in the Xero integration?

The timesheet and Hours Paid information are only required in Xero for waged employees. Salaried staff should be processed in Xero by adding their annual salary, and Regular Hours, to their Xero profile.

How do I make manual changes to the data that’s sent to Xero?

Manual changes can still be made to the Overtime and Total Pay columns on the Payroll Export report, however these are not included in the data that’s sent - it will be sent exactly as is calculated on the Attendance page. Manual adjustments can be made by editing staff’s Timesheets, or the Pay Run in Xero.

Why is it important to finalise the Payroll Export?

It’s recommended that you do not send data from your RotaCloud data to Xero until after you have locked and finalised your Payroll Export report. The connection will still work, however not finalising means that changes can still be made to the payroll report, which can cause discrepancies between your RotaCloud and Xero accounts.

When sending, why do I get the message ‘Could not find a matching Pay Run Calendar for this Payroll’?

This message will be shown if the timesheets for the Pay Period have already been approved in Xero. Once this is done, no more timesheet data can be sent, so the Pay Run must be Deleted in Xero to allow this to happen again.

In addition to deleting the Pay Run, the Timesheet must also be put back into Draft status.

Why has Leave been duplicated in Xero?

Instances of leave can be duplicated in Xero when an employee is sent more than once within the same pay period. To correct this, manually remove any duplicated leave in Xero before completing the Pay Run, or ensure that it’s been deleted before you attempt another connection.

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