Your employees can request annual leave once they're setup with a login. However, as a Manager or Admin, you can add Leave for your staff manually. You can also add Leave retrospectively if you need to.

Leave Page

Open up the Leave page and click the blue plus button at the top. You'll be presented with the 'Add Leave' form

Fill in the details and click 'Add Leave'.

Note: Your Administrator may not have allowed you to add Leave for yourself. If not, you can use the blue link to make a Leave Request.

You can choose whether each type of Leave is added as 'Paid' or 'Unpaid' by default in your Settings menu. However, when filling out the Add Leave form, you're always able to override this, if you need to.

Once you've completed the form, you'll be taken back to the Leave page where you can see a yearly overview of all the annual leave that's been scheduled. 

Each month contains a total of all Leave days for each employee. Click on a number in a month to expand it, and view a timeline of all the Leave records for that month.

Rotas Page

Leave can also be added directly on the Rotas page. When you click on any date on the rota, you’ll see an ‘Add Leave’ option in the edit window.

Click this button to open the Add Leave window. Here, you can add Leave in exactly the same way as on the Leave page:

There's more information on Leave here.

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