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Day Notes

Adding private or published notes to individual days on the rota

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You can add a note to individual days on your rota, either for yourself or for your staff.


To add a Day Note on the Desktop version of RotaCloud, hover the mouse over the name of any day on the Rota. A speech bubble icon should appear - click the bubble to add a new Day Note.

This will open the Day Note creation screen. From here, you can customise the Day Note, giving it start and end dates, a title, and a note.

You can also select whether or not to make the note visible to Employees, as well as the Locations you want the note to appear on.

When you've finished, click Add Note.


Day Notes can also be added in the mobile app. On the Rotas tab, tap the date in question at the top of the rota. You'll then be shown the Day Notes page, where you can set the start and end dates, title, note, and Locations.

Tap on the day's name to see the Day Summary, then tap 'Add day note' to add a note by filling in the Day Note form.

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