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What to do after receiving your RotaCloud email invite

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Your employer (or manager) will invite you to RotaCloud by adding your email address to your employee profile. You'll then be sent an email with instructions for confirming and setting up your RotaCloud account.

A screenshot of the RotaCloud invitation email, including the link to accept the invitation and set up a password.

Please follow the link in the email to confirm your RotaCloud account and set up your login details.

Once you've created your password, you will immediately have access to your RotaCloud account on the web. You’ll also be able to download and log into the RotaCloud iOS/Android app.

An image of the login screen on the RotaCloud mobile app.

If you cannot find the email please check your spam inbox first. If you still cannot find it, please ask your employer to check they've entered your email address correctly. Once they've corrected the address, ask them to re-send the invitation.

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