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An overview of desktop and mobile rotas for employees

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The Rotas page shows each of the rotas you have been assigned to. If you are assigned to more than one rota, the location name in the top left corner will have a drop-down menu to use to navigate between them.

There's also a date selector to the right of this menu which you can use to navigate between weeks - using the arrow keys on your keyboard does the same. You can also click the date range to view a calendar and jump further ahead.

On the rota, staff names are listed down the left-hand side with your name appearing at the top.

Shifts contain a start time and end time. There may also be a role listed, defining your job or task for that shift, with a corresponding colour.

If there are any notes added to that shift, you will see a speech bubble icon - hover over it to view the note.

Want to print or export your rota? Open the Tools menu at the top of the page. Here you can print a weekly rota for the selected Location. You can also export a calendar feed of your shifts to calendar software like Google Calendar or Apple Calendar.

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