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Open shifts explained - and how to claim them

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On the desktop version of RotaCloud, at the top of the rota, you will see a row titled Open Shifts (provided your account manager has enabled it). These are shifts that haven't been assigned to any employee yet.

You may receive notifications when Open Shifts have been added to the rota and are available to claim. You may also receive reminders when Open Shifts are still available after a few days, and remain unclaimed.

A screenshot of the email notification for available Open Shifts, that an employee would receive.

You can claim these for yourself on a first come, first served basis by clicking the shift and clicking ‘Claim Shift’.

A screenshot of the 'Claim Shift' button, found on the Rotas page of the Desktop version of RotaCloud.


When using the RotaCloud app, you can use the Rotas page to see the full rota, or the Shifts page to see a summary of your own shifts. On the Rotas page, the top row of the rota is again reserved for Open Shifts. You can tap on a shift to claim from this page.

On your Shifts page, any day that has open shifts available will be marked. Tap on ‘Open shift available’ to see all of the shifts that can be claimed, and then tap on a particular shift to claim it.

Lastly, if open shifts are available, this’ll be shown on the Dashboard. You can quickly view a list of all Open Shifts by tapping on this section. The list will show all available open shifts in chronological order. You can tap on any shift to see more information about it. You can also press and hold on any shift to quickly claim it.

A GIF showing the Open Shifts summary, accessible from the Dashboard of the RotaCloud mobile app.

Once an open shift is claimed, the shift will be assigned to you on the rota automatically - so make sure you can definitely work it before claiming!

Your employer or manager may also be notified of your claimed shift.

A screenshot of the 'Shift claimed' email notification, which is sent to Managers and Admin when an Employee claims an Open Shift.

Please note - if clicking an open shift doesn't work your manager may have disabled this feature, or you may not be able to work the role.

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