Please note - these are optional features that your manager may have disabled.

Click a shift on the rota and you will see a pop-up with the option to request Unavailability or a Shift Swap.


Unavailability lets you message your employer or manager to tell them you cannot work this shift. They are then notified and can approve or deny the unavailability request.

If approved, the shift will be unassigned - you won't need to work it. If denied, you will not be able to request it off again.

Shift Swaps

This tool lets you arrange cover with another employee. You pick the shift you cannot work, choose the employee you want to cover for you, and can optionally offer to work a shift for them in return.

The request is then forwarded to the other employee through email as below:

The receiving employee can approve or deny it. If the employee agrees,  the request is forwarded to your employer or manager for approval. If approved, the shifts are swapped automatically. If denied at any stage, (as below) the shifts stay where they are.

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