Availability lets you mark down when you are free to work or unable to work so that your employer knows if you can work a shift before building the rota.

On the Availability page, you can create patterns and mark down when you can or cannot work on particular days or time frames. 

You can create as many patterns as you like and can choose how often the pattern repeats (eg. weekly, every other week, and so on). 

You can also set whether your availability pattern is ongoing, or if it ends on a specific date. For example, you might be on a training course or have university or college term dates that only apply for a limited time.

Each pattern you create is then fed onto the rota. You can see how it displays by going to the Tools menu and clicking show or hide availability (only available on desktop).

This can either be set up by yourself or your employer. 

You can edit your availability preferences on a mobile, too. See below for the article on how to do this:

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