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Shift Swap Requests

How to respond to employee requests for shift swaps

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If you’ve enabled Shift Swaps on your RotaCloud account, Employees can request to swap shifts with one another. Once this has been agreed between the two employees, you'll receive a notification. You can click on this notification to be taken straight to the relevant shift on the rota.

A screenshot of the upper-right corner of the Desktop version of RotaCloud, showing the highlighted Notification Bell and a pending shift swap request.

You can also view the request by clicking the shift(s) in question on the rota itself. A popup will display allowing you to accept or decline the shift swap.

A screenshot of the Rotas page of the RotaCloud desktop app, showing the Swap Requested popup, and the options to Accept or Decline the swap.


If you have a pending swap request, the menu button in your RotaCloud app will show with a red marker. Tap the menu icon, then tap ‘Pending requests’ to see all of your outstanding requests for swaps, unavailability and leave.

You can filter out particular types of requests by clicking the filters at the top of the page, or click on the request itself to view it. This will show you more details about the shift, who is picking up the swapped shift, and if another shift is being exchanged in return.

You can approve or deny the request from here, or you can edit the shift itself directly from this page, if needed.

A GIF of the RotaCloud mobile app; opening the menu and viewing pending requests, filtering Shift Swaps, and selecting a pending Shift Swap and approving it.

What happens when the request is approved?

If the request is accepted, it will automatically update the rota and both employees will be notified. A green swap icon will appear on each shift to denote an accepted shift swap.

What happens if the request is denied?

If the request is declined, both employees will again be notified and the rota will remain the same. A red swap icon will appear on the shift to denote a denied shift swap.

Shift swap admin settings

In the Shift Swaps section of your Account Settings page, admins can change the way shift swapping works to suit your business;

  • You can turn on/off shift swap functionality

  • You can limit shift swapping for an employee so that they can only swap with those who work at their location.

  • You can turn on/off admin approval. When turned off, admins are no longer required to confirm a request, but can still see shift swaps by checking the green/red swap icon that displays on a shift.

Full details of shift swaps, both approved and denied, can be found in a shift’s history.

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