Managing annual leave
How to add, edit, and delete records for holiday, sick leave, and other leave
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Adding Leave

To add leave go to the Leave page and click the blue plus icon to add leave to the calendar. 

On the add leave page, select the employee you wish to add leave to from the drop down list. You can also add leave to more than one employee by clicking the 'Add to multiple employees' button.

Next, choose the type of leave you wish to add. You can choose from;

  • Holiday

  • Public Holiday

  • Sickness

  • Furlough

  • Absence (authorised and unauthorised)

  • Compassionate

  • Parental

  • Study Leave

  • Maternity/Paternity Leave

  • Training

  • Other Leave

You can choose whether each of these Leave Types are added as 'Paid' or 'Unpaid Leave by default in your Settings menu. However, when filling out the Add Leave form, you're always able to override what's selected by default.

Select the start and end dates of the leave and if there are any half days you can assign these using the AM/PM drop downs.

If an employee's leave allowance is tracked in hours rather than days, you can then select to how many hours the leave period equates.

Finally attach any additional information in the Message box and click Add Leave to add the leave period to the Calendar.

Holiday comes out of an employee's holiday allowance. Other types of leave are not deducted (except Public Holiday when the relevant Account Setting is enabled). For holiday, the allowance only takes into account working days. So if an employee has a days off on the rota these will reduce the number of holiday days taken from their allowance.

Once leave has been successfully added, employees will be notified via email or SMS.

Clashing Shifts

If the employee has shifts scheduled during the period that the leave has been added for, you'll be given the option to automatically handle the shifts in a few ways.

Adding Leave on the Rotas page.

Leave can also be added directly on the Rotas page. When you click on any date on the rota, you’ll see an ‘Add Leave’ option in the edit window.

Click this button to open the Add Leave window. Here, you can add Leave in exactly the same way as on the Leave page:

Editing and deleting leave

To edit or delete existing leave entries, go to the Leave page and in the calendar click on a month to expand it.

Select the numerical figure under the relevant month, and you will see a coloured bar of leave. Hover over this bar and a speech bubble confirming the dates of the leave entry.

Click on this bar of the leave, and a pop-up window will appear giving you will the option to either edit or delete the leave entry.

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