Managing holiday allowances
How to set and update holiday allowances
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There are two ways in which you can set an Employee's annual holiday allowance.

Employee Profile

You can set/edit an employee's holiday allowance by heading to the Company -> Employees page. The number of days' or hours' entitlement can be set in the 'Fixed Allowance' field. This will set a default holiday allowance that applies to all leave years.

You can also enter a Start Date, and a Final Working Date, which will automatically calculate leave allowance pro-rata for the employee's first and last working years.

If your staff accrue Holiday, you can select this option in the employee's profile. To find out more about Holiday Accrual, click here.

Leave Page

To set a holiday allowance to apply to one year only, head to the Leave page and click on the employee's holiday allowance. 

In the pop-up window you can choose to apply the allowance as either the 'Default Allowance' or set it to 'This Year Only'. Click 'Save' once you are done to update this.

Please note: Any days-off added to the rota are not taken into account in their leave allowance, e.g. if an employee has Saturday and Sunday marked as Days Off, any leave added that passes over the weekend will not take those 2 days into account.

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