To enter an employee availability pattern, go to the Availability section in the blue bar at the top of the page.

Once there, you can use the drop-down menu to switch to a different employee. You can then use the blue Plus button to add a new availability pattern.

Enter a title for your availability/unavailability e.g “Term Time” or “Summer Holiday Availability” and set the duration of your availability or unavailability using the menu on the left, “Today Onwards” or “Specific Dates”.

Selecting Today Onwards is best for if you will be regularly available/unavailable on a weekly basis. Selecting Specific Dates is best for if you will be available/unavailable for a specified period of time.

Using the table on the right, you can set times of each day that you are available or unavailable, whether it be a couple of hours or the whole day.

  • If your availability/unavailability is a one-off, select Specific Dates and set a start and date end.

  • If your availability/unavailability is recurring, select Specific Dates and set only the start date. Use the Repeat Every drop-down menu to set how often your unavailability should repeat.

To view or hide your Availability patterns on your Rotas page, go to Rotas > Tools > Show Availability/Hide Availability.

Below is a video on how to add availability patterns. It's from the point of view of an employee, but the information on the tool itself applies if you're adding availability on behalf of an employee.

You can also edit Employees' Availability on Mobile, see below for more information:

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