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I can't edit shifts

What to do if clicking on a shift doesn't bring up the Edit Shift box

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If you're looking at a rota and trying to edit shifts but are unable to do so, it may be because you're seeing shifts that are shown from another Location.

RotaCloud will show shifts from other Locations on each rota in order to prevent you from scheduling an employee in two places at once. 

Any shifts that are not assigned to the Location you're currently viewing will be shown in italics. Hovering over the shift will show the name of the Location to which the shift belongs.

To edit the shift, navigate to the appropriate Location using the drop-down in the top-left of the Rotas page.

If you are a Manager, as opposed to an Administrator, you may not be permitted to edit every Location's rota. Please ensure that you're editing a shift that you are permitted to.

If you think something else is preventing you from editing shifts

If you think you should be able to edit a shift and you can't (and it isn't displayed in italics), there may be another reason for the issue. Please get in touch via live chat and we'll be happy to take a look for you.

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