Cancelling holiday
How to delete holiday, sickness, and other leave records if they've already been approved
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To cancel a holiday record that's already been approved, head to the Leave page, and click on the name of the month the holiday falls into. Find the record itself and click on it, then click ‘Delete’.

A GIF of inspecting an individual instance of Leave, where it can be edited or deleted on the Desktop version of RotaCloud.


In the RotaCloud app, tap the aeroplane icon to head to the Leave page. Next, tap on the employee for whom you wish to delete the Leave. You’ll then see a list of all of their Leave for the year. Tap on the instance of Leave to see more information about it. Next, tap the 3 dots, and then tap ‘Delete leave’ to delete it.

A GIF of opening an individual instance of Leave in the RotaCloud mobile app, where it can be edited or deleted.

When a holiday or leave type has been deleted, employees will receive a notification.

A screenshot of an email notifying an employee that their Leave has been cancelled.

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