Your Weekly Digest Email

A guide to what you'll find in your Weekly digest email

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The Weekly Digest shows you a roundup of what’s happening in your business in the coming week. It’s a great tool for HR managers or department heads to be able to be more prepared for the days ahead.

A screenshot of the Weekly Digest email, which shows one employee with their birthday this week, and 3 people with their work anniversary this week.

Setting up

Weekly Digest emails are sent first thing every Monday morning. To enable them, head to your Settings page, and enable them at the very bottom of the page:

An image of the lower portion of the general settings menu, with the 'Send weekly digest emails' option selected.

Next, head to the Settings > Notifications page, and ensure the notification for ‘Weekly digest’ emails is selected.

The Weekly digest setting is located at the bottom of the Settings>Notifications page. Only email can be selected in this row on the page.

Note: Weekly Digests can only be received by email.

What's in the Weekly Digest email?


Staff birthdays in the upcoming week will be listed first, according to the Date of Birth set on the Personal Information page of an employee’s profile.

Work Anniversaries

Next, you’ll be shown any employees who are celebrating a work anniversary in your company/department. This information is based on the ‘Start Date’ on the Employee Details page of their employee profile.

New Starters & Leavers

Following this, any employees who have a Start Date, or Final Working Date, on the Employee Details page of their profile will be listed as a New Starter or a Leaver, respectively.

This is a closeup of the Start and Final Working Dates of an employee profile. The Start Date is set to Wednesday 1 September 2021 and the Final Working Date is set to Friday 24 March 2023.


Finally, any staff who have Holiday on RotaCloud will be listed, with a quick summary of their holiday dates.

Note: Administrator-level users will receive a Weekly Digest for the whole company, whereas Managers will receive one that only relates to staff assigned to their Managed Locations.

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