Now that you have your account all set up with Locations, Roles, and Employees, it's time to dig into the meat and potatoes of RotaCloud: creating a rota.

If you have an existing rota, it might be worth starting by trying to transfer a week's worth into RotaCloud, just to get a feel for how it works - or you can start from scratch - it's up to you!

The Rotas page

Open RotaCloud and click Rotas in the top navigation bar. You'll see a blank rota with employee names down the side and days of the week along the top.

If you have multiple Locations, you can switch between them using the drop-down menu just above the rota on the left.

You can also navigate between weeks using the arrows either side of the date range just above the rota (or using the arrow keys on your keyboard). Clicking on the date range will open a mini calendar which you can use to quickly jump to a specific week.

Creating your first shift

Adding a shift in RotaCloud is really straightforward! Click inside an empty cell on the rota and the Add Shift popup will appear.

From there, you can fill in all the details of the shift:

  • Start and finish time. For example, 9am-5pm, 0900-1700, 09:00-17:00, 9am-1700 etc.
  • Break length. Leave this blank for no break.
  • Role. From the drop-down, select a Role. The available Roles are determined by which Roles the employee can work.
  • Notes. These only visible to Admins, Managers, and the Employee assigned to the shift by default, although this can be altered in your account settings.

Once you've entered all the information you need, just click Add and you'll see the shift appear on the rota. That's it!

You could create all your shifts in this way, but we also have some neat tools to make building your rota even faster.

Copying shifts

If you want to create an exact duplicate of a shift on another day, another employee, or both, it's super-simple to do!

Hold down the [SHIFT] key on your keyboard, then click and drag an existing shift into another cell on the rota.

Top Tip: If an employee can't work the role a shift is assigned to, RotaCloud will not allow you to copy the shift to that employee.

Copying weeks

You can also copy entire weeks for individual Locations. To do that, navigate to the week you'd like to copy, then click Copy → Copy Week (just above the rota). Then navigate to the week you'd like to paste the rota into and click Paste.

You can Paste the rota into as many weeks as you like. Once you're done, click Back to Rota Builder.

For more powerful copy-paste actions such as building multi-week rolling patterns, use our Copy Custom Range tool.

Publishing and Notifying

When you've finished building the rota for the week, your employees still aren't able to see it. In order for them to see the rota and receive a notification saying the rota has been updated, you'll need to Publish your rota.

To publish a week's rota for the Location you're currently viewing, just click Publish → Publish Week (just above the rota).

The shifts will turn from being slightly faded to full colour, indicating they're published. After a short delay, employees who've created logins and who are affected by the newly published rota will receive notifications telling them the rota has been updated.

There's more information about publishing rotas and notifying employees here.

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