Managing Leave on mobile

View your holiday allowance and leave requests via the RotaCloud app

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To view your leave in RotaCloud, tap the plane icon at the bottom of your screen.

The Leave page will tell you what’s in your current leave allowance, how much is used, what’s remaining, and any approved leave you’ve had.

A screenshot of an employee's Leave tab, on the RotaCloud mobile app.

You can filter the visible leave by tapping on the 'Sort & Filter' icon, and selecting whether you want to see only Holiday, Sickness, or TOIL, and the ordering of the leave, before tapping 'Apply'.

On the Leave page for an employee, the 'Sort & Filter' icon is tapped, then 'Sickness' is filtered before tapping 'Apply'.

Requesting leave

To put in a new leave request, click the plus icon in the bottom right of the page, and then tap ‘Add leave request’.

You can then fill in the details of your leave starting with the leave type (Holiday or Other Leave).

Next, tap on Start Date and End Date to open up a calendar to set these dates. With the calendar open, you can choose whether you’re requesting full days (AM-PM) or a half day (AM-AM or PM-PM).

Lastly, you can also choose to add a note to your employer. Once you’ve filled out the details of your leave, tap 'Submit leave request'.

You’ll be notified when your manager has approved or denied your request. They can also add their own message when responding to your leave request.

Viewing and cancelling pending requests

Pending leave requests will show at the very top of your list, with a dotted outline. You can tap on the request to see more information about it, including any note that you have added for your employer.

If you have submitted a leave request that your employer has not yet actioned, you can cancel it.

A GIF of an employee cancelling their pending Holiday request from the Leave tab of the RotaCloud mobile app.

*Notifications will only be sent if they are enabled in your account settings.

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