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Viewing & editing Timesheets on the RotaCloud Mobile app
Viewing & editing Timesheets on the RotaCloud Mobile app

How to view your timesheet records via the mobile app, and add or edit attendance records

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Timesheets are only available for companies with Time & Attendance enabled.

Viewing timesheets

The Timesheets page shows the current pay period dates at the top, followed by the timesheet for that pay period containing your clocking in and out times. Your scheduled shift times will show below each clocking in record in a pale grey colour, and your days off will also be shown. You can access the Timesheets page by tapping the Timesheets icon in the bottom-right corner of your RotaCloud app.

A screenshot of an employee's timesheet, on the RotaCloud mobile app.

You can tap on the date at the top of your timesheet to switch between pay periods.

Editing timesheets

If you have permission to edit your timesheet, you can edit an existing attendance record by tapping on the clocking in and out times for that day, then tapping 'Edit record'. You can then change the clocking in and out time, and re-enter the number of minutes break.

To create a brand new attendance record, tap the plus icon in the lower-right corner of the page. Then tap ‘Add attendance’, and select the date that you’d like to create the attendance record for. You’ll then be able to manually add your clocking in and out times. You can also do this by long-pressing on a blank day and add your clock in and out times.

A GIF of the process of adding an attendance record using the RotaCloud mobile app, using the blue plus icon in the lower-right corner.


You can add notes to the timesheet entry, which are only visible to Admins and Managers, and mark the shift as Late or On Time.

Once done, tap ‘Update record’.

Tap on the record on the employee's timesheet, then tap the 3 dots in the upper-right corner of the Attendance record. Tap 'Add or edit notes/lateness' to then add notes or set the record as late.

Please note that all timesheet changes will require manager/admin approval.

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