How to customise RotaCloud notifications using the Android app

You can change the types of notifications you receive from RotaCloud, as well as the method in which you receive them, from the app’s menu. Open the menu using the three bars in the top-right corner. Tap Settings, and then tap Notifications.

This page allows you to decide which notifications to receive via which channels. Each notification can be received when your Desktop browser (such as Chrome) is open, in an Email, or via a Push (smartphone) notification.

A screenshot of the Notifications page in the Settings menu of the RotaCloud mobile app.

Additionally, if your company has enabled SMS Notifications, you can receive updates via text message.

To enable or disable a notification type, simply tap the switch to toggle it. When you’ve set everything up how you’d like it, hit ‘Save’.

Please note that push notifications are sent to all devices you're signed into RotaCloud on, so enabling any push notifications on this page will apply for all your devices.

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