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Why are my employees not coming across?

People HR Integration

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If you notice that your employees are not coming through after following our steps to integrate your accounts please follow these steps:

1.) Ensure the employee box is ticked on the People HR integration panel

2.) Ensure the API check is correct in RotaCloud

Go to Settings>Integrations>PeopleHR and ensure that the API key matches the key on PeopleHR

3.) Allow for 2-3 hours sync time

The integration between PeopleHR and RotaCloud can take up to 3 hours to complete.

If you have followed these steps and are still having issues then please contact us.

People HR Integration User Limit

A reason why your employees may not be syncing into RotaCloud is due to the integration user limit. Currently only 250 users can be synced from PeopleHR to RotaCloud.

Should you exceed this amount of users, your employees will not sync over to RotaCloud – if you require more than 250 users to sync, please get in touch on our Live Chat for assistance.

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