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Why do I have duplicates and how do I get rid of duplicates?
Why do I have duplicates and how do I get rid of duplicates?

People HR Integration

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Integrating RotaCloud with People HR can occasionally lead to duplicated Employees. There are various reasons for this;

1: Employee entered before integration

It is possible that an employee has been entered before the integration has taken place. When this occurs, you will be left with one non-integrated employee, and one integrated employee.

Employees who are successfully integrated with PeopleHR will look like this:

2: Incorrectly spelled email addresses

The integration of employees from PeopleHR to RotaCloud works on integrating email addresses, so it is key that you ensure that email addresses entered in PeopleHR are spelled correctly, and are the current email that the employee uses.

How do I remove duplicates?

Duplicates can be removed by deleting them directly from RotaCloud. If you are still experiencing issues after doing this, then please contact our support team.

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