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What data is sent from PeopleHR?

PeopleHR Integration

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All information sent to RotaCloud from PeopleHR is set in the Queries section of PeopleHR. Below is a list of the queries that relate to RotaCloud and what information feeds over.

RotaCloud Absence

  • Start and end dates of sickness for each employee

  • Admin's comments

RotaCloud Employees

  • Employee name

  • Email address

  • Start Date

  • Final Working Date

  • Holiday Allowance Type (Days or Hours)

  • Holiday Allowance Value

  • Weekly Hours (comes from Working Hours in PHR)

  • Pay rate type (Hourly or Annual salary)

  • Pay rate value

  • Payroll ID*

  • Locations

  • Roles

  • Department (this is Groups in RotaCloud)

RotaCloud Holidays

  • Start and end dates of holidays for each employee

  • Admins' comments

RotaCloud Maternity/Paternity

  • Start and end dates of Maternity/Paternity for each employee

  • Admins' comments

RotaCloud Other Leave

  • Start and end dates of 'Other Events' in PeopleHR comes through as 'Other Leave' in RotaCloud.

  • Admins' comments

If you notice a problem with anything not syncing correctly from PeopleHR or just have any questions, please contact our team.

*Payroll ID does not feed through from PeopleHR as default - this needs to be manually set up within the People HR. Please contact support at PeopleHR for help with this.

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