Custom Integrations using the RotaCloud API

Use our API to integrate RotaCloud into your own programs and software.

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RotaCloud has an API (Application Programming Interface) available to both paying users, and those in their trial, which allows you to extend the functionality of RotaCloud by integrating it into your own programs or software.

Every function that you can perform in your RotaCloud account, either on Desktop or on a Mobile device, can be done via the API.*

We provide a list of all of the data from your account that can be called upon, as well as instructions on how to retrieve it, below. 

Before your software can make any requests for data, you will need to generate an API key. This is how your software will tell our servers who you are, and that you’re authorised to access the data. API keys provide full access to your RotaCloud account, so keep them safe - do not email them or send them to anyone who you don’t want to have total access!

To generate an API key, head to the Settings page, and to the ‘API’ section. Click on the blue + to generate a new API key. You can give the key a nickname for your convenience.

You can then provide your software developer with the API key, in addition to the Documentation, to work with.

*You are unable, however, to customise the content of the email & push notifications that we send to users.

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