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breathe Integration

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Employee Details

The creation of Employees should be done in breathe. You're able to link a completely blank RotaCloud account to breathe, and it will automatically populate your account with your breathe employees.

If you have some existing employees on RotaCloud, however, then when integration is enabled, breathe will check which RotaCloud employees match the email addresses of those on breathe. 

For those employees that are a match, breathe will automatically populate their RotaCloud Profile with the following information:

  1. First Name

  2. Last Name

  3. Email Address

  4. Date of Birth

  5. Start Date

  6. Final Working Date

  7. Address 1 & 2

  8. City

  9. County

  10. Postcode

  11. Weekly Hours*

  12. Work Schedule*

Following this, breathe will then create the new employees by sending over the same information for all breathe users who you’ve not set to be ‘Excluded from RotaCloud.’

If you choose to exclude an Employee from RotaCloud when they have already been created, then they will be deleted by the integration. They will also be deleted from RotaCloud if they are marked as having left the company, on breathe.


The creation of Sickness and Leave should also be done in breathe. When Leave is confirmed on breathe, it will be pulled in by RotaCloud to show up on the Rota. However, no management of Leave can be done on RotaCloud, and the ‘Leave’ tab will be removed when the integration is active.

Breathe's Statutory Holidays are also not included in the integration. Only 'Holiday' or 'Other' Leave Requests will be sent over added via breathe's Leave page.

If a staff member has Sickness, but has not had a ‘Last day of sick leave’ defined in breathe, then the Leave will not come over to RotaCloud - it’s only those instances of Leave which have start and end dates defined that will be shown on the Rota.

Please be aware that Leave will not sync over successfully into RotaCloud if you have locked the pay period that the Leave is scheduled for. In RotaCloud, you can lock and unlock your pay periods by going into the Attendance tab, and clicking on the relevant date range in the top left hand corner.

If a pay period is locked this will be highlighted at the top of the page. To ensure the Leave syncs over, you can briefly unlock the pay period by clicking on the padlock icon, and then click it again to re-lock.

Weekly Hours & Work Schedule

*NB: The Weekly Hours and Work Schedule information is sent over to RotaCloud from the ‘Work Pattern & Leave Allowances’ page on an employee’s breathe profile. You can change the Work Schedule using the ‘Change Working Pattern’ drop-down menu.

To change the Weekly Hours of an Employee, you must first tick ‘Ignore working pattern’ under the ‘Ignore Working Pattern when Booking Leave’ heading. Doing so will reveal the ‘Weekly working hours’ field. It is the contents of this field that is sent to RotaCloud for an employee’s weekly hours. Once you’ve entered your employee’s weekly hours in this field, you’re free to untick ‘Ignore working pattern’ again.

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