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What happens when I switch on the breathe integration?
What happens when I switch on the breathe integration?

Important things to know about switching on the integration between the two systems.

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As soon as the integration between breathe and RotaCloud is enabled, all employees on breathe who do not have matching profiles of RotaCloud will have one created. Their employee details will be populated with information from their breathe profile, including their name, email address, personal information and working hours and pattern.

Invite emails will also be sent to these new users immediately, so please be sure that you’re ready for this to happen, before integrating.

Employees that already exist on RotaCloud, and have an email address matching an employee in breathe, will begin to be synced with that breathe profile. An invite email will not be sent to these users, even if they have yet to set up their account. 

Most fields in the Employee Profiles in RotaCloud will now be uneditable. This is because their personal data is now edited in breathe, and sent to RotaCloud via the integration.

The Leave page in RotaCloud will be hidden, and Leave can no longer be added, edited and viewed in RotaCloud. Leave will be pulled from breathe when viewing the Rotas or Attendance pages, so loading times for these may be longer than before integration. Any Leave that you’ve added to RotaCloud will be permanently deleted.

On the Attendance page, any Daily Hours that have been assigned to any instance of Leave will no longer be present on the timesheet.

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