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What happens when I switch on People HR integration?

Important things to know about switching on integration between the two systems.

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As soon as the integration between People HR and RotaCloud is enabled, all employees will be synced between the two systems. If an existing employee in RotaCloud has the same email address as one in People HR, then the two will sync. If not, a new employee will be created with the email present in People HR.

Unless you have edited People HR’s queries, all employees will come over in the sync and be immediately added to RotaCloud.

All Leave from staff’s Planner page in People HR will be sent over to RotaCloud. An employee can’t have two instances of Leave on the same day, however, so if there is any clashing Leave in RotaCloud, then the People HR Leave will be skipped.

Please bear in mind that only Leave from the Planner page of users’ profiles will be sent in the sync. Public Holidays or other Leave that is not added to the Planner will not.

Employee details can still be changed on RotaCloud, however it’s not recommended that you change them here. Any changes that you make will be overwritten with data coming over in the sync, when the next sync occurs. Any changes to personal details of staff, for example, should be done in People HR.

After the initial sync takes place, the two systems will sync every 2-4 hours.

Please note: if you choose the option to 'import employee's emails' over from PeoplerHR, then this will sync their emails over and will also send out invites for employees to join RotaCloud immediately.

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