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Exporting data from RotaCloud

What data can be downloaded in RotaCloud and how to export it

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What can be downloaded?

RotaCloud allows you to download certain selections of data from your account as a CSV file. Sections that can be downloaded are:

  • Employees

  • Locations

  • Roles

  • Shifts

  • Timesheets

  • Payroll

Data that CANNOT be downloaded include:

  • Availability

  • Memos

  • Notifications

  • Settings

How to download your data

Employees, Locations, Roles and Timesheets can all be downloaded by clicking the downwards arrow icon in the top right corner of each respective page.

The Employee Totals report can be used to download your employee's shift data up to a full year. On the Reports page, use the filters at the top to select your date range and any other way you would like to narrow your search. You can then click the downwards arrow icon in the top right corner of the page to export.

You can download data for your Open Shifts using the Unclaimed Open Shifts report and following the same steps as above.

When running your payroll, there are a few different reports you can generate and download. After clicking the 'Go to Payroll' button on the Attendance page, click the downwards arrow icon in the top right and choose the report you wish to download. You can then select the export you wish to download.

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