Set Daily Budget Caps for your rota

Help your managers (and yourself!) stay on track when planning the rota.

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With our Pro package you can gain access to Budget Caps. Budget Caps allow you to set guidelines for hours and/or costs to keep your managers on target, and will help you to stay on track for spending.

Getting started

Head to the Settings menu and open the Budgets & Forecasting tab to see your annual forecasting settings, then click the Budget Caps tab at the top of the page. You can also set up your Labour Forecasting by clicking the Labour Forecasting tab. For more info on Labour Forecasting, click here:

Below the Budget Caps tab, you’ll see a drop-down menu to allow you to switch between your Locations, and a date selector to move back and forth between years.

Below, the whole year is broken down week by week for you to enter your daily and weekly budgets. You can enter a weekly target for hours and/or costs, and the target will be divided equally between each day of the week. Alternatively, you can enter each day’s target(s) and the weekly totals will automatically keep themselves up to date.

To the left of each week, under the week’s number, is the copy menu. Click here to copy either your costs, or both your costs and hours to all future weeks in the year. You can also clear all figures from this particular week.

Finally, you can click ‘Clear table data’ in the top-right corner to completely reset your figures for the year.

Budget Caps on the Rotas page

Your budget caps affect the display of the daily and weekly totals in the footer. While scheduling shifts, these will update to show where you are in relation to the day’s and week’s targets. You can choose to show/hide these targets at any time, using the Tools menu.

For both hours and costs, if you’re currently under budget, a green arrow pointing down will show next to the current total. If you’re over, a red arrow pointing up shows, and if you’re dead on, you’ll see a green tick.

You can see the daily target if you hover your mouse over any day’s totals. This popup will also show you exactly how far above or below the current budget you are.

The weekly totals will also show a more detailed breakdown when you hover your mouse over it, including salaried and hourly staff, as well as a summary of breaks.

FAQs/Other tips

  • Budget Caps will not prevent staff from overscheduling, or creating any shifts on the rota. When an Admin or Manager exceeds target, it will warn them but will still allow them to exceed.

  • If you’d like your Managers to start to use budget caps, then you’ll need to ensure they have the following permissions selected:

Create and edit rotas for locations they manage

View and edit employee salary information

  • If you want your managers to see hourly caps only, and not have access to the cost caps, then the “View salary” permission isn’t necessary. Managers without this permission will not see any cost estimates anywhere on the system.

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