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Why is my employee’s Leave not showing up in RotaCloud?
Why is my employee’s Leave not showing up in RotaCloud?

People HR Integration

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Occasionally, Leave that’s added in People HR may not be successfully synced with RotaCloud. If this happens, here are a few issues that you can check, to ensure your Leave is always syncing as it should be.

Check your Integration is switched on and your API key is correct.

On the Integrations page, in the Settings menu, you’re able to quickly see if your integration is active. If the sync doesn’t appear to be working for many/any users, click on the ‘People HR’ link to confirm that your API key is correct. You can check the API key itself in the Settings > API section of your People HR account, and repaste if necessary.

Allow time for the sync to take effect.

RotaCloud pulls the latest information from your People HR account several times per day. Typically, this happens every 2-3 hours, so if you’ve made any changes more recently than this, they may not have been synced yet.

Check that your employees’ emails aren’t mismatched.

The integration is reliant on the email address being the same in RotaCloud as it is in People HR. Please check the employee’s email address on the Company > Employees page to ensure it’s the same as in your People HR employee list.

Check for duplicated employees.

A mismatched email address can lead to a duplicate employee being created in RotaCloud, though duplicates can also be created for other reasons. Check your Company > Employees page to make sure you only have one profile created for each employee.

Ensure that the Leave has been correctly entered into People HR on the employee’s Planner.

Leave is only able to be pulled over to RotaCloud if it’s been properly entered into People HR. Depending on the type of Leave, this may require a Reason being entered, or other Leave/employment information.

In People HR, only Leave that’s been entered into an employee Planner will come across to RotaCloud via the integration. Unfortunately, Leave that’s been added another way, such as by using a preset Public Holiday calendar, is not included in the sync. If you would like to have Public Holiday included, it’ll need to be added to each employee’s Planner in the same way as an instance of Annual Leave.

Leave is clashing with an existing record in RotaCloud.

In RotaCloud, only one type of Leave can be entered on a particular day. Occasionally, Leave that’s added in RotaCloud may clash with what’s attempting to come over from People HR. When this situation occurs, the leave from People HR will need to be ignored and it will not be shown on RotaCloud.

Examples of this can include Leave that was added to RotaCloud before the integration took place, or edits made in the RotaCloud system that weren’t done in People HR. This also means that if you’re adding a long instance of leave (such as Maternity Leave or long-term sickness), you will need to ensure that there is no other instance of Leave for the entire duration.

If you find clashing Leave in your RotaCloud account, you must remove this from RotaCloud in order to allow the correct Leave to be brought over:

After removing all clashes, the Leave should then be brought over during the next scheduled sync.

Syncing has been temporarily stopped for a particular employee.

There are some circumstances in which a People HR employee will no longer sync with RotaCloud. These situations include if the RotaCloud employee was deleted and/or reinstated, or if the employee’s profile information was changed in such a way as to stop the sync (such as changing the user’s email address in RotaCloud).

If this happens, the sync will be disabled for that individual. It can be re-enabled manually on the Settings > Integrations > People HR page. On this page, you’ll see a list of all users’ People HR ID numbers who are not syncing. Click on the ‘re-sync’ button for this to take effect from the next sync onwards.

Query needs checking - name and checkboxes (link to article)

The control over which data that is sent over to RotaCloud from People HR is defined in your Queries. Here you can control exactly what is in the sync, including whether or not Leave is sent.

If you are having problems with Leave coming to RotaCloud for all employees, then please check your Queries to make sure that all the correct types of Leave have their respective query ticked.

Be sure to also check that the query names have not been changed from their defaults. If you wish to change the query names from their defaults, then please contact Customer Support - we’ll need to know the new names of the Queries in order for the sync to continue working.

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