Exporting and processing in Xero
How to compile your payroll report and export data to Xero during your payroll process.
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Locking and finalising your timesheets

Your timesheet and payroll data should be exported to Xero when your Pay Period is complete, and your timesheets have been checked over and corrected where necessary. For help on correcting any issues with your timesheets, such as staff forgetting to clock in/out, or other missing data, please see our Help Article below:

When you’re happy with your timesheets, lock the timesheet using the lock icon at the top of the Attendance page:

When this is done, click ‘Go To Payroll’ to generate and view your Payroll Export report. When you’re happy with your Payroll Export report, click the Finalise button to prevent any further changes being made:

Exporting to Xero

To export to Xero, click on the Download button in the upper-right corner, and then click ‘Export to Xero’:

RotaCloud will then perform some initial checks to make sure that the connection is working correctly. This should only take a few seconds. When that’s complete, you’ll be shown a quick summary of the data being exported, so you can review it.

This review popup will check the last connection that occurred, to see if any of your staff have already had their timesheets sent over for the Pay Period in question. If you have anyone who has already been sent to the same pay period, then their name will be unselected by default, and you’ll see ‘Already synced' appear below their name.

Tick the names of all employees whose timesheets you want to send to Xero. You’re able to send an employee as many times as you need, however if an employee who’s already been sent is chosen to be resent, then any leave in that Pay Period would be sent a second time, and potentially duplicated in Xero. If this happens, then it must be manually removed from your Xero account.

When you’re happy with the review, Click ‘Continue to export’.

The connection will then begin in the background, and you’re welcome to carry on working while this takes place. A banner at top of your payroll page will give you the status, including who sent the data, and when.

Depending on the number of employees and shifts, this may take a few minutes to complete. An email will be sent to you when it's finished, and the banner at the top of the page will let you know when it’s all done. You can click ‘View More’ in this banner, to get a rundown of what's been sent over:

This popup will show you a breakdown of the standard, overtime, and leave hours that were included in the connection, as well as who submitted it, and when.

Processing your timesheets in Xero

Once your data has been sent from RotaCloud to Xero, you’re able to approve the Timesheets in Xero. The total number of hours worked will be added to Xero immediately, so approval can be skipped if you’re happy with their standard hours as a total figure.

However, if you have an employee set up in Xero with Regular Hours added to their Xero profile, then these will be present on their timesheet in addition to what comes over from RotaCloud. For this reason, approving employees’ timesheets in Xero is recommended.

Leave will be shown in Xero per day on a per-day basis, as opposed to being a single, total figure.

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